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Issues with DSC 4200 HD box

Question asked by mikecleaver on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by shaw-matt

I had 2 new boxes (DCS 3200) installed last week to replace older model ones and I am having problems with both new boxes.


Box #1) The TV attached to box #1 has started pixolating since the new box was installed. I called Shaw helpline, the tech did a signal check and advised that the signal was strong. I had a Shaw tech test the signal yesterday when he was here and confirmed that there is a strong signal. Despite this, the reception is still pixolated. Got so frustrated with it last night that I switched back to the old box. Good strong picture, no issues with the old box. What is up with the new box??


Box #2) Ever since this box was installed there has been a consistent issue. When I turn the TV on the box will allow only one command from the remote (guide, or channel change or info). Once it completes this one action it will not do another action for a couple of minutes then it responds normally. Turn the TV off and the box goes back to accepting only one command again when the TV is turned back on. I have changed font, changed plug ins, changed HDMI cords, gone to RBG and audio plug-ins etc. but no change. Called Shaw, the tech came yesterday and swapped out the box for a new one. Same problem with the new one. I can't figure out what the issue is, might be something between the TV and the box?? It is a new LG TV so it should work.  Went back to the old  box and it worked just fine.


Getting frustrated. Between the inactive remote on one TV and pixolating on the other I am tempted to throw both new boxes in the garbage and go back to the older model ones.


Any suggestions or help?????