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Guide reset problems

Question asked by greybird on Dec 7, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by shaw-lance

The guide resets itself 4 times per hour - on the half hour and at 10 min. after the hour and 40 min. after the hour.


If I was just looking at programs at the current time slot it's no problem.  However if I'm looking at a later time or day in the program schedule then I find it very frustrating that I keep getting kicked back to current time.  I then have to scroll until I get to the time I wanted again and then I feel pressured in having to be quick about checking the guide before I get kicked back again.  


This used to happen every 1/2 hour.  Then for a short while it was fixed and lasted for almost an hour before reverting to current time.  Then it reset itself at odd times so you never knew when you were going to be kicked back to current time.  Now they seem to have settled on 4 times an hour.

I'm not sure if they are still trying to solve the problem or if this is their solution.   If it is their solution it is not a good one.  Please can you tell me if they are working on it still?