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Discussion created by stickboy on Dec 7, 2013
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Many years ago, I purchased a Shaw HDPVR. It was a DCT3416 and had its share of problems, but for the most part it worked just fine.

In recent years, however, Shaw began adding HD channels in a different format that the DCT could not decode, meaning that even though I was paying for all the HD channels, I was only receiving a fraction of them.

In May 2013 I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new HDPVR. I bought a DCX3510. It has a new Guide - all new software. In the first week of using it, I found I was missing 16 different things from the old guide. Over the following weeks and months, several other things came up. After a while, I began to wonder how this new box was better than the old box. I decided to make a list. Here is a chart of features I like and where they can be found (in no particular order).

FeatureNew GuideOld Guide
Playback doesn't freeze for a second or two when you "catch up" to the live broadcast
Able to view Guide and List of Recordings while watching a recording
Able to set or delete recordings while watching a recording
Colour-coded backgrounds that are easy to see and always present
Playbar shows different colours so you can tell if it's still recording or not
Movie synopses are short and not a complete retelling of the entire story
Movie synopses fit on the screen
Series Recordings list shows what channel it is set for
Cleanup option to delete multiple recordings quickly and easily
History options that tells why it decided not to record something it should have
No need to scroll through entire Recordings List in order to sort
No need to scroll through entire Recordings List in order to get to Schedule
No fatal error message when scheduling Series
Deleting a program from the Series List does not reset the whole list back to the first entry
Doesn't randomly switch back to the channel being recorded
When you type in a non-existent channel, it skips to the next available channel
Shows channels not subscribed to
When a channel is input in the Guide, it goes to that channel, not some random channel halfway down the screen
Ability to watch the SD channels I'm forced to pay for so that I may have the privilege of also paying for the HD version
Guide option to show a list of programming for one channel only
Ability to add extra time at the beginning and end of a recording
Ability to set a manual recording, for any 15 minute period, on any channel
Ability to save searches
Ability to Auto-Record saved searches
Screen (broadcast and menus) are not too big to fit on my TV
Uses the Pause button for frame-by-frame advance
Understands that when I pause a Recording that I don't want it to automatically restart in 10 minutes - stays paused indefinitely
Shows how much space has been used
Ability to Pause the music channels
Shows the four-star-based rating system on the movie info screen
Shows the actual runtime of a movie
Playbar can be programmed to go away quickly
Does not have a power button that generates a laser beam straight into my eyes
When a Recording ends, it offers to save or delete the program
When deleting a recording from the List, the display remains on the List
Schedule shows future recordings on separate pages, sorted by day
Shows a tiny arrow at the bottom of the screen if there is more to see
Colour-coding shows on the List of Recordings
Recordings List shows the year of a movie
Shows conflicting recordings in the Schedule so you know to make changes
Doesn't randomly delete recordings
Search function shows results as I type
Loads the Guide quickly (after power outage, update, reboot, etc)
Doesn't go into Standby mode while watching live TV
Indicates on flip bar when watching LIVE
Channel identifiers are not little tiny indecipherable icons but actual readable text
Shows protected recordings "at a glance" in the List
Informs user when space is running low after setting a new recording
Skip button can be used when recording is paused
Does not fill the screen with Recording Started/Finished message
Does not show giant error message if Skip button pressed too quickly in succession
Pressing List button from the Future Recordings screen shows the Recordings List
Hardly ever needs to be "power-cycled"
Doesn't leave detritus on the screen