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Using a 2TB external HD (with eSata) as an  Expander for Motorola DCT3400

Question asked by chilcoot on Dec 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by robohack

I'd like to hook up a 2TB expander (external hard drive) to my DCT 3400 Motorola PVR, apparently the unit can handle 6TB externally.

Shaw only sells 1TB "refurbished" units. As far as I know teh only requirement for hooking up an external HD to the motorola DCT PVR's, is an eSata connection.


I was thinking of getting a LaCie 2TB external HD with eSata connection from NCIX and hook it up.




Has anyone used an external HD that was not one of the units supplied by Shaw (Seagate/ Iomega/ Western Digital), and did it work for you?

I guess I can actually buy 2 of the Shaw 1TB units for $75 each, and get 2TB capacity, but then I have to swap out back and forth when full.


Thanks and Cheers!