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Internet keeps disconnecting from 10pm to 12pm.

Question asked by anhbrandy on Dec 9, 2013
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I've been having this problem for about a month now and it has been making me pull my hair out. I've even considered cancelling my internet service with Shaw. I've had endless problems and once one gets fixed another one arises.


Lately around 10pm on the West Coast my internet has been disconnecting. The modem lights turn off. The "Power" light, "Receive" light are the only 2 that become solid after disconnecting. The "receive" light will blink and not fix. I have to manually restart the modem by taking out the power connection. After restarting it, it happens again. I am connecting using an ethernet cord to the router.


Does anyone have a solution? As a university this is very troublesome while doing online assignments and group meetings, etc.

If I can't find a solution I think I'll have to switch internet providers. Thank you.