MuchComedy sucks at Guide

Discussion created by stickboy on Dec 10, 2013
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I know this isn't Shaw's fault, for a change, but can you please tell MuchMusic to get their s**t together and learn how to report their programming to the Guide?

I have a series recording set for South Park, to only record New episodes. It is recording every single episode every day, all week! They are clearly marked 2005 or some other year that is not 2013, but it keeps on recording. Oh, except for ... tomorrow's episode at 7pm which is, in fact, a NEW episode!


(I don't know if this is different on the new guide - I am recording this on the old guide, because Shaw refuses to provide MuchMusic in HD and the new guide won't allow me to change the aspect ratio on my TV so I can watch the letterbox programming zoomed. Yes, I know the new guide offers a zoom option, but it zooms way too close and loses a lot of the picture.)