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Changing setup of modem/cable

Question asked by cjpasula on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by jackal

Hey folks, right now my Shaw setup is as follows:

  • Cable into the house
  • 2-way splitter, one going to the digital phone
  • Other cable going to a second 2-way splitter which is upstairs
  • One of those to the modem and the other to the TV


From what I've experienced splitters degrade the signal somewhat so having too many of them is considered a bad thing.


I'm wondering if my overall quality would improve is I change the set up as follows:

  • Cable into the house
  • 3-way splitter, one going to the phone, one to the modem, and one to the TV
  • Modem located beside the digital phone

I'd have to run a second cable up through the stairs, but it'd bet CAT6 and not coax (from modem to my router) and the existing coax cable would be used to connect to the cable box.


The two benefits I see from this are:

  • One less point of failure, instead of two splitters we only have one splitter
  • Modem is moved downstairs to a different power source freeing up a slot upstairs.


Are there any other benefits, or negatives from changing this setup?