new failure - playback of recording fails/gets "stuck" partway through

Discussion created by bcb on Dec 15, 2013

yesterday I recorded "Hockey Night in Canada: After Hours", CBC ch 3, 9:40-10:30pm

I set it as a separate recording following the regular broadcast of the Canucks-Bruins game


the game itself recorded and played back fine. but there is a problem with the separate recording of After Hours, a failure that appears quite similar but slightly different than the infamous "kicked out to live TV" problem we all know



- start playback of the recording of After Hours

- progress bar indicates the full length of the recording as 50 minutes

- playback begins normally

- at 19min 55sec mark, the playback seems to stall

i.e. video freezes and audio stops (instead of kicking you out to live TV)

- at first it seems like the video is simply paused, but if you press the play or FF buttons, you see the progress bar and time count continues to advance as expected, but meanwhile  the picture remains frozen on the frame from 19:55

- you can pause, FF, REW and progress bar moves as normal. but as long as the progress bar remains past the 19:55mark, the picture remains frozen/stalled at that point.


this is repeatable, each time playback is attempted, the failure point is exactly the same at 19:55, so basically the entire last 30:05 of the recording is unwatchable. needless to say, very annoying


although it doesn't kick out to live TV, I strongly suspect this new failure is a related type of problem, perhaps a variant of the same underlying bug