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Lost My Scheduled Recordings List

Question asked by kritiker on Jul 2, 2012

I had some weird Gateway behaviour yesterday. I may not have all the details right but here's the gist of what seems to have happened.


I added some recordings to my Scheduled Recordings list, over-riding some warnings in the process. I didn't read them carefully but there seemed to be two different ones.


Because my disk utilization was now at 95%, I deleted some recordings (actual recorded programs, not scheduled recordings) and brought the utilization down to about 74%. I then went back to check something in my Scheduled Recordings list and it was gone. The list was empty. I had no programs scheduled to record. I deleted some more programs and got the utilization down to about 68% and suddenly I had a Scheduled Recordings list again, but it didn't seem complete. But I cannot be sure.


I went into the Cancelled/Not Recorded list and found that there were still several future scheduled recordings that were marked cancelled due to lack of space. Attempting to record one of these from that list using record once seemed to do nothing. The program remained on the cancelled list, due to lack of space.