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Poor service

Question asked by padams on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

This is my first rant also.

We have lost the majority of our channels. I had the pleasure of a online chat with a Shaw rep. After completing a reset of the cable box I was told that it would beSat.before someone from Shaw could come out and attempt to repair our situation. 6 Days! Is this the norm? Now I don't know about you but if you cannot "service what you sell" then why are you in Business.("take the money and run" "customer be damned") If you get the chance watch "The Smartest Guys in the Room." It has Shaw written all over it.We switched from Telus to Shaw for home phone and net a few months ago and the service tech installed the equipment and then left without testing anything.Well guess what, the phone didn't work, the cable didn't work nor did the net.After being on the phone for a hour or so with shaw ,I did the installers job and got everything up and running. I cannot put into words how incensed I am with this company.I asked that the Director/Chief or who every is in charge of Maintenance/Service mirage to call me and explain why it takes six days for a repair. I am very sure was/is caused by shaw itself. I guess we will see what happens.