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Question asked by aledin on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by shaw-colin

Alberta - Access to some websites limited!

Which part of the SHAW network does this refer it in Calgary or Medicine Hat  - Fort Mac or where? Which channels? Does it apply to my account. Could use more details.

I joined this community to ensure I was able to evaluate concerns and see if they applied in any way shape or form to concerns I may have!

To my mind Shaw have simply added more confusion to the service they provide with this National address of problems in various areas.

I just want to know which area of ALBERTA the problems are in and in my opinion Hamilton or areas of BC probably just want the same notification if it applies to them. Maybe I get confused easier than other subscribers?

Everything with Shaw has got so complicated with constant TV options for varying prices that go up after two months or are now referring to two year agreements to be a lawyer and really read the small print. I personally have changed my TV options about 4 times in the last six months to try to get what I NEED without all of the Crxx that Shaw want to promote with BUNDLES

I've got two PVR's and 3 TV's........only have two going at a given time....about 20 MAX channels would suit me and if I needed more I  could pay for individual channels.. (GLADLY)

Very happy with the phone and Internet but Shaw need to be competitive and offer MORE OPTIONS without BUNDLING!

Felt I had to blow - off steam.