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Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Question asked by supersamara on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by kevinds

Still having problems with shawmail keeping my emails on the server rather than pushing them to outlook 2010 when I log on.  On my other computer, I was running Outlook 2007 and never had a problem - the emails would push through to my smart phone during the day and when I got home, I'd log into outlook and they would clear from the server.  Someone suggested the advanced setting in outlook but I could not find one there to change.  I've found the setting on webmail to have all emails download to the computer and be removed from the server but when I change the setting and save it, nothing gets rather annoying when I have to go in daily and delete all the emails from the server after they've downloaded to Outlook.  It is more annoying if I don't do this every day and the server automatically pushes all the emails not deleted down to my phone two or three days worth two or three times a day.... some days I'm deleting 70 or more emails a day from my phone.  Is there an easy way to do this other than to quit shawmail?  Also, how does one make shawmail and rogers play nice so I can send emails from my smart phone using my shaw email?  This has been an issue for me since I got my first smart phone 3 years ago - the folks at Rogers were not of any help.  Out of desperation I opened a gmail account so that I could deal with urgent emails right away rather than have to wait until I got home to log on to my computer.  Any help will be beyond gratefully appreciated!