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Shaw Direct ?????

Question asked by mayneone on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by jlupien


I am a new member of the community though I have been with Shaw and its earlier companies it bought out for  going on 20 years.

I now live on one of the Gulf Islands halfway between Vancouver and Victoria. We have high speed internet , limited cable tv but no Shaw phone.

Personally I use Shaw Direct for tv ( was a Star Choice customer earlier). My question is why is Shaw Direct not part of anything Shaw does

including this forum. Go search and nothing comes up. We do not get Shaw bundle discounts nor is the Shaw service trucks on the island allowed

to deal with our installations or problems. They keep saying ( for years ), just wait !!!!! Why change the name to Shaw if it is NOT really part of Shaw.


I am of the older variety of members here.... so this form of communication is foreign to me. Not sure the community forum will answer anything really beyond technical problems. Shaw has tried various ideas, My shaw, etc so that real customers get confused and pick up the phone. That used to be great but lately the waits have been too much.


Anyway, still love Shaw but expect more.