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French Channels in Winnipeg vs North Vancouver

Question asked by 7825 on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2013 by [shaw]ali

First off let me say Thank you to Shaw for finally adding channel 906 - ARTV which has been available in almost every other Shaw Market in Western Canada for the past ten+ years. Thank you for finally adding another french channel to a province with the largest french speaking population west of Quebec.


But I noticed that in North Vancouver, BC you also offer the following;

Speciality Channel    907    Vrak - TV

Speciality Channel    908    MeteoMedia

Speciality Channel    909    Canal Vie


Movie Channels    911    Super Ecran 1

Movie Channels    912    Super Ecran 2

Movie Channels    913    Super Ecran 3

Movie Channels    914    Super Ecran 4

Speciality Channel    915    MusiMax

Speciality Channel    916    Musique Plus


Is there a reason this area gets all these additional french channels?

I can see why Shaw would not add 911-916 in most areas as that is like the French version of Movie Central, but the other three (or mainly MeteoMedia) is there any plans to add those to any other community?


Just Curious. (I have french family members)