Remote IR pickup was the problem

Discussion created by dem1001 on Dec 19, 2013

I see that a lot of people are having trouble with their 3510 and with remote control of it.  I had similar issues and the problem turned out to be neither the 3510 or the remote, but the remote IR pickup.  Apparently it was bad and was the problem with my 3510 acting bizarrely; i.e. not responding, sometimes responding, responding only for some commands.  It was completely erratic behaviour that had me thinking "Oh, oh.  I hope it's not another Pace Summit sort of hardware."  Happily, once the remote IR was unplugged, it worked perfectly.  My faith in Shaw was restored; I have been very happy with Shaw.  Having been few a few rough patches with internet and now TV, and seeing that they did not slough off any of the issues, I can say that they do try to resolve all issues.  Sometimes it can take awhile to narrow things down, and I am not the most patient person, but I do think you have to realize that a seemingly simple problem can sometimes be very difficult to resolve.