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What's the chances of Shaw offering french programming in HD?

Question asked by wlennon on Jul 9, 2012
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This is a legitimate concern. Winnipeg has the largest french community outside Quebec, most people in Winnipeg know at least some french, with a large proportion being fluently bilingual and some people speaking either French only or French as their primary language. The vast majority of the french channels Shaw offers are available in HD, including SRC (CBC's french broadcast network), which is being broadcast from downtown Winnipeg in 720p, and RDS, a sports network.


I find it disappointing that I can get SRC HD for free with my TV antenna (UHF 51), but the TV company to whom I'm paying over $100/mo for "Best of HD" service can't offer me this local HD station. I am aware that you offer ~15 french stations in SD only, but these stations are available are also  offered in HD by other providers such as MTS, Bell, and Shaw Direct, and yet to the best of my knowledge, Shaw doesn't offer a single french HD channel anywhere in its service area, including local HD stations.