Don't try and sell your "Free" HD-PVR..

Discussion created by cowtownbiomed on Dec 20, 2013
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I recently added Shaw phone to my package, part of the deal was a "free HD-PVR"

So I get the modem installed, the PVR activated on my account. I explain to the installer that I have a gateway so I do not really need this PVR.

He says to me "its yours to do with as you please, why don't you sell it for some extra Christmas cash..

So guess what I did? I followed the installers advice and sold it (fortunatly to a co-worker)

He goes to activate it on his account and is told, that can not happen, becuase...get this...the "Free PVR" is actualy a rental..

A quick call to CS to confirm that is the case, and that the installer did in fact LIE to me..D'oh!!


So here I am now, buying back my "Free PVR"


This is all well and good, and I can deal with the outfall, (Fortunatly)

But I feel it is important that when Shaw's CS people are cold calling and offering "Free" devices, that they add the work "Rental" to the mix.


If they would have told me I could have a "Free HD-PVR "Rental"" I would have stayed away from the deal.


So here I am, lied to, with a "rental" added to my account that I did not agree too.

And a "Free" PVR that I can not use..


I feel scammed and cheated by the whole deal..


All I can do I guess is give everyone a heads up..That and tell all the folks on Kijiji trying to sell theirs that this may be the case for them too..


Merry Christmas...:P