Unstable ping to Chicago gaming servers

Discussion created by dstyles on Dec 20, 2013
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Vancouver, BC


Warband is the only online game I play competitively, and right now a number of the public and clan servers are being hosted by RedEye servers, Illinois. Most people in North America have been getting solid and good pings with them, but it seems that those of us in western Canada on Shaw are getting fairly lousy and unreliable (not solid, variance within 25ms) pings. Other servers in the same game that are hosted in the same city (not RedEye) give me stable and reasonable pings. The game is based on having quick reaction times and this ping is getting me down. Also have very occasional lag spikes that last for up to a minute (dropped packets?). Only happens on the RedEye servers, but everyone else in NA is very happy with the RedEye performance/latency.


I've attached a screenshot of a traceroute I did on it yesterday. That's my clan server at:


Not sure if I'm reading that right, but it looks to me like it picks up an undue amount of latency within Wahington state. Wondering if anything can be done about this. I have more clanmates on Shaw elsewhere in the province who would also benefit.