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Reporting Internet service outages

Question asked by audacity on Jul 4, 2012
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For the last few days I have seen a number of Shaw outages.  For instance I have a Sonos alarm configured to play a streamed radio station between 7am and 9am and the morning of Monday July 2nd the radio stream started cutting out around 8am.  Then, in the evenings of July 2nd and July 3rd I had more outages.  When the internet isn't completely out, I'm getting anywhere from 7% to 66% packet loss (ping).  And sometimes (like last night, July 3rd) the my internet goes out completely (as in I cannot access or ping anything).


Now, I could call Shaw's technical support lines, but that is significant time investment and when I've called in the past it usually resulted in troubleshooting steps that involve rebooting modems and routers, and then scheduling a visit with one of their technicians.  And even then, the issue is rarely on my end and is fixed by a technician doing something at the nearest node (i.e. the green box outside on my block).


I'd like to propose a method of reporting service outages/issues that would be significantly less expensive for everyone.  Perhaps some sort of web app (or smartphone app) that could ask a few questions and let me report service issues like high packet loss without taking up so much of my time (and the time of a tech support representative).  I just want to let Shaw know that my service is out.  When I have a service outage, there is a good chance that others do as well - which means that the phone lines are flooded with callers, which means we all have to wait.  Then, if Shaw determines that they need to get inside my house to further troubleshoot, they could call me to follow up.


Of course, such a website should be optimized for mobile access because if my internet is down, I'll probably be accessing such a service on my smartphone or tablet (via cellphone data networks).