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this is absolutely ridiculous! get your act together shaw

Question asked by on Dec 22, 2013
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i have been a shaw customer for 3-4 years now and for the past couple of months i have been experiencing absolutely horrendous internet speeds. we pay for 30mbs and i'm lucky if i can download with 1mbs. I just did a speed test and my results were 742 ping and 1.79 download speed. are you kidding me? this is unacceptable. i have great difficulty downloading anything and it takes 10-20 seconds to open a single webpage and i am unable to play any online games. i am completely infuriated with the service i receive. I am sick and tired of shaws internet, and you even have the nerve to brand yourselves as "Canada's fastest internet". im extremely annoyed with shaw and their scams and it would be nice if shaw could actually spend time of their service practices instead of making stupid commercials. i expect something to be done about this but i will probably be disappointed in shaw as always.