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DCT3510X No Audio

Question asked by billy.smith991 on Dec 23, 2013
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I have the DCT3510X in my bedroom, I own this AV switch ( ViewHD Multi-functional HDMI Converter) I have my HTPC xbox snes and blu ray player hooked up to it, all work perfectly fine with the switch. However when I connect the PVR to the switch the video is sent to my t.v but no audio.

Is there any setting I need to change on the box? Does it attempt to auto detect the device it is connected to and tailor the audio that way? It's bugging me because I have a sound bar system and I would like to simply connect 1 hdmi output (from my switch) to the soundbar and then output video to my T.V but I can not do this as I want because I have the output from the switch that has 4 of my 5 devices connected to it, then another hdmi for my cable box.

Anyone ever run into a problem like this? I dont think it has to do with my switch because all my other devices work fine. I've read about my switch with audio troubleshooting and the only thing that could be causing the problem is having it set to say 7.1 ch audio and your device only outputting 5.1 but Ive set my switch to every audio mode with no change to the PVR (all other devices remained functioning no matter what sound setting i put the switch on)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!