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CableCARD is not validated with host.

Question asked by phonginator on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2013 by shaw-matt

I recently bought a Shaw Gateway system plus a portal. I had a technician come and hook it up. I wasn't there when he hooked it up, but I was told everything was up and working. When I did get home and tried to watch TV, I couldn't because that error message kept popping up. When it did work, it would only work for a few minutes at a time (ie. the screen froze or the Cablecard error message popped up again.) I called in to Shaw to see if it could be resolved. She told me to unplug the coaxial cable from the back of the unit, wait a few minutes and plug it back in. I did that and it didn't help. So she said she would send a technician out to have a look. But they were booking over a week out because they are backlogged. So I have to wait over a week to get it looked at by a technician, which is ridiculous because I just had a tech over a few days ago to do the initial setup. Now I'm about a week without any TV. I wanted to watch some hockey (before they went went Xmas break), but I couldn't. I'm sure glad I paid for the Centre Ice package and not be able to use it. I'm also glad that I spent $500 on a Shaw Gateway system that doesn't work.

I'm thinking about returning it and going back to TELUS for my TV... and phone and Internet.