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Question asked by jetranger on Jul 6, 2012
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Guide: SD VS HD and what cables to use


There is a word missing in the first sentence ('at' should be the fourth word) and there are some punctuation errors.


As you begin with the connection types, I would expect there to be more information.  For instance, a 'coax' cable only will be of little use to anyone soon unless they have a Shaw cable box to decrypt the signal.  It is misleading to just say that 'all televisions will have' one of these as an input. It's also incorrect to say the maximum definition is 'SD' since the HD signals are indeed delivered by the very same cable.  If Shaw offered clear QAM we could all get HD pictures on suitably equipped TVs.


The comment about 'All TVs will have RCA inputs' is incorrect.  There are still many older SD sets that only have a coaxial input.


The comment about Component cables needing an additional set of RCA cables for audio should more correctly state that 'separate audio connection is required and may be RCA, optical or other type'. This also goes for the same line in the remaining sections.  It should also say 'most HD TVs will have component inputs'.


I understand this section is supposed to be a 'simplified' version but when it comes to these things, I always feel it is best to put all the facts down in black and white and let the end users take from it what they will.  The way it has been 'proposed' makes it somewhat misleading, IMO.


Caveat:  We were asked for comments on the content so please take the above for just that; my comments.


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