Discussion created by adamlaser on Dec 25, 2013
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I'm looking at getting a slingbox and am curious as to how Shaw's channels would be affected. The base model (Slingbox 350 - $120) doesn't have an HDMI input/output and instead uses component cables to connect between the PVR and the TV. The Slingbox 500 ($320) model on the other hand has built in HDMI capabilities as well as built in Wifi so it doesn't require an ethernet cable to be connected to the slingbox unlike the 350 model. I currently have my router in a close enough proximity that the ethernet cable could be connected to the slingbox and my set-up as it stands has my Motorola PVR connected to my 50" Plasma by an HDMI cable. Would connecting the Slingbox 350 model in between the PVR and my TV by use of component cables affect the picture quality of my HD programs on the TV?