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Question asked by keanerkeaner on Dec 25, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by shaw-matt

Hi Guys.


I am a new Gateway user, only been two weeks.  Generally I like everything, but I wish there was more flexibility in the user interface to delete the stuff I don't want to see or use.  For instance, I don't watch sport or kids TV, news, 'superticker', games,and I would like to fully remove them  or at least disable them from the Menu section.  Being able to customise my own interface from settings somewhere would be great.


Other than that, a few suggestions

  • add the reminder function back
  • permit the favorites section to be viewed as a grid guide( would prefer to see all sections set up as grid view instead of scroll.)
  • be able to set up numerous favorites lists and lablel them
  • when you add channels to the favorites, have this listed in chronological order by channel.  Now when you enter stations, the go in the way they are entered which makes them listed in no particular order and 'willy nilly'


The only other 'beef; i have is two HD channels don't come in, and I have checked with others in the area.  Channels 261 (AMC) and 243 (HD History).  They both travel on the same megahertz frequency and for some reason don't come in clearly to my condo building.  SHAW gateway has diagnosed the problem, and reported it,  but still no one has attempted to repair and re-establish the broadcast of these channels.


I would like to request if gateway support could contact me about the above. (not via the forum, but via my shaw email account)