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Shaw Wifi Go Proxy SSL connections

Question asked by slips007 on Dec 27, 2013
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I noticed today while connecting to a Shaw Go Wifi connection, that SSL certs were showing errors - whereas before they used to work fine. Upon checking in to the certificates that were presented, it seemed they were that of a Shaw Proxy, not of the valid destination where the certificate should be from. Is this something that Shaw is doing on their Go Wifi now? If so, this should be stated in the FAQ or something as it is a very big privacy risk if Shaw is doing this and not telling people. I understand if they do it as we have a choice to use it or not. And if this is the case, i won't be using it.


I would bring it up and make it known to people that if Shaw is proxying secure connections, Shaw has the ability to decrypt and see everything that is going on in that connection as if it were unencrypted - this includes banking sites and secure HTTPS connections like GMAIL and FACEBOOK, etc.