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Seriously shaw fix my problem.

Question asked by dallon on Dec 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2013 by mark_vse

I have been with shaw for 3 years, on 3 different internet plans, with probably 5+ router/modem and router packages. I feel as though something is amiss with my situation, as on every one of these internet plans, the internet speeds were inconsistent, problematic, and there was always an excuse as to what the problem was, and never a fix, despite probably over 10 attempts on my part to deal with shaw over this period of time to fix it. My current situation:

I have the broadband 100 plan, as i live with 4 other students, it is a necessity, (One of which just graduated as a networking engineer) and set up our current (150 dollar out of pocket) smart router that I just bought, to our cisco modem/router, with an abridged connection. I just bought a new laptop yesterday, it is not my laptop, it is according to shaw not the modem, and it isnt the expensive router I just bought either. I'm going to keep looking into this until I get an answer because at 1200 dollars a year and a hell of a lot of my time I'm pretty well hell bent on getting to the bottom of this.Oh and just by the by, my speedtests are one tenth of my connection speed plan on average at the moment, and any possible reason for this you can bet i've checked and its not the problem. With and without shaw phone reps. I'm not exactly computer illiterate, since I've built most of mine and have some coding experience, and a networking engineer should know how to set up a simple router modem connection.

Anyone else feeling a little confused