IR Port and MP2000/MP2150 Portals

Discussion created by webguy on Dec 28, 2013
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I am in need of some assistance. I currently have 3 MP2000 portals and am in the process of moving to a new house where I will be mounting my TVs on the walls and would like to mount my portals behind the TV as I don't have any shelving, etc. or mounting brackets to support the portal. I see the MP2000 has an IR Blaster port but my understanding is the IR port is for emitting not receiving. Whereas the MP2150 has an IR port and includes the IR cable to allow the portals to be hidden, with only the IR receiver in-sight.


If this is true, will Shaw allow me to exchange my portals for the newer MP2150. The IR tethering functionality will be a significant benefit to me as it will finally allow me to put the portals out-of-sight and not have to setup make-shift shelving or have cables running down the walls.