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No picture with free trial channels

Question asked by ponderer on Dec 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2013 by kent_88

I understand that my older PVR cannot receive picture for Mpeg4 broadcasts, which explains why I get sound but no picture on HIFIHD and radX, which are listed as Mpeg4 broadcasts.  However Smithsonian channel is not listed as Mpeg4 but I get sound and no picture as with the Mpeg4 channels. Oasis, also not listed as Mpeg4, has both picture and sound, although I think that did not happen until some time after the free trial period began.  Can anyone clarify which of these are Mpeg4 and which not and why I can get some of the four but not others?  The information on the website does not seem to explain it.