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Current 630 issues

Question asked by aboychuk on Dec 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by donovon

I Have a signal strength of 97 % on both t1 and t2 in the installation menu of my motorola 630. I have had satalite for well over 10 years and NO issues. Over the last month and a bit my HD channels will pixilate and glitch like it is rain fade. The trouble is I am in Edmonton and it is December and it is just cold. No snow, no leaves, no rain.  This is the second 630 I have tried and the same intemittent issues occur. I spoke with shaw, they reloaded the newest code, no change. I bought a new lnb, no change. I cut all my ends and recrimped every cable. NO CHANGE!  tested the cable, no change. Anyone else having these issues? Could I need a third 630 pvr? Did I mention that when they (shaw) rehit my old 505 and now it is crippled with a red light of death and no hope of grabbing signal with a strength of 97......


Any productive suggestions from anyone? My last call to shaw the tech told me that I am the only one with these issues.... It cant be true can it?