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Can no longer send email on Mac (OS x) as account states offline

Question asked by tiggercgy on Dec 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by tiggercgy

This just started. Had no problems until now.

I can not send any emails from my MAC (OS X)

Internet connection is fine

Webmail works fine.

When I check accounts through preferences states outgoing mail server is offline:

When I check accounts states password could not be sent to securely

Frequently a password request box pops up and I enter my password but it just keeps opening the password request box.

I have gone through all the forums and done everything listed to fix with no luck.


This is incredibly frustrating

(NB also had a problem with Safari and internet access that it would just stop loading any webpages.)

This seems to have resolved but email is still an issue.



(Spent hours trying to fix :-(