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Shaw Go WiFi doesn't automatically connect a registered device

Question asked by tcima7 on Dec 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by tcima7

I recently got a Windows Phone smartphone and have tried to register it with Shaw Go Wifi so I can automatically connect to ShawOpen wifi hotspots. I seem to able to register the device, but it is never recognized on subsequent connections to a Shaw hotspot and I have to continually login to Shaw Go Wifi in order to use it.


On the initial connection, I am prompted for my login.  After logging in, I am then offered to register my device.  Upon registration, I am redirected to the URL for reasons unknown.  At this point, if I go to the My Account area of the Shaw website, I can see that my smartphones appears in the list of Shaw Go Wifi registered devices.  However on subsequent connections to a ShawOpen hotspot, I get redirected to the login page.  After logging in, Shaw Go Wifi actually offers me to register my device again.  If I try to register it again, I get an error indicating that MAC address registration has failed and to try again later.


Shaw Go Wifi is not recognizing my registered Windows smartphone and prompts me to log in on every connection to ShawOpen.  I have been able to register two Android-based tablets without issue and this smartphone is the 3rd device out of 3 devices that I'm allowed to register.


Has anyone here had a similar experience? Any suggestions for overcoming this problem? Could the issue be related to my device?  I have a Nokia Lumia 520 running Windows Phone 8.


Thanks in advance for any help or insight that you can provide!