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When will I get what I am paying for?

Question asked by dmcallan on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by [shaw]jeff

Does anyone with Shaw have any idea when the infrastructure will be in place in Fort Frances to support the internet packages that are being paid for here?  Back in the spring we were having issues with very inconsistent internet speeds.  A technician discovered that a squirrel had damaged the line into my house and when he fixed that the internet speeds stabilized but were pretty consistently below the Extreme package that I have.  The technician told me that additional fibre was being installed to resolve the internet speed problems that everyone in my area was experiencing.  Great.  Internet speeds continued to decrease over the following months and in November I contacted Shaw again.   We went through the usual unplug this, plug directly into the router, reset, speed test again, etc.  When it became obivous that I was right about the speed I was told that a technician would be sent to investigate.  The next day I got a call from a technician who told me that he could come to my house but the problem was almost certainly related to there not being enough capacity to support all of the traffic in my area and that new fibre was being installed.  I did see any number of service vehicles putting up cables on utility poles but my internet speed continued to decrease.  I test using the Shaw speed test and then confirm the results using which logs all results so I can keep track of them.  Since October 28 the average download speed has been 6.2 mbps.  Since December 20th the three tests have come back at 1.36, 3.05 and 1.35.   A csv file of results is attached.  I have asked a number of other people in town who are on Shaw and they say the same thing- their internet speed is awful.  Is there any timeframe for this situation to be resolved?