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Can you please send me the requested DNSSEC DS data?

Question asked by artlj1953 on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by kevinds

I am a Shaw Business customer.


Several days ago, I requested the following data, from Shaw:

Hi Gearoid,



Thanks for your response, that you have forwarded my email to the Shaw Hosting department. has just confirmed to me, that you (Shaw) must supply to me the required DNSSEC DS (DS = Delegation Signer) record data for the two Shaw DNS Name Servers ( =, and =, so that can enter this data into their DNSSEC DS records.
Would you please expedite the delivery of this information to me, so that I can get my website ( up and running.


Thanks again, for all of your help.


Best regards,

Art Johnson

To date, I have had zero response from Shaw.

The requested data (DNSSEC DS record data, for 2 of Shaw's DNS Name Servers) should be immediately available, to anyone who is knowledgeable about DNSSEC.  I would assume, that Shaw should have some people who do know about this aspect of DNS Name Servers.

If it is required, please pass this message along to someone within Shaw's Hosting department, who can supply me with this urgently-needed data.

Thanks very much, for your help in this matter.

Best regards,

Art Johnson