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Splitters for Gateway

Question asked by choweg on Jan 4, 2014
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I am having internet issues, and I have a tech coming to check my levels next Saturday (a service call indicated that my levels to the modem are very poor)


However, I think I have way too many splitters, and I was wondering if there is another option (like a 6 way splitter that is shaw "approved")


The current setup:


Line IN to 2 way splitter = Leg 1 goes to Phone Modem  / Leg 2 goes to another 2 way splitter


MOCA filter to splitter 2 IN | Leg 1 to gateway / Leg 2 to a 4 way splitter


4 way splitter = Leg 1 to Basement Portal / Leg 2 to Livingroom Portal / Leg 3 to Office room / Leg 4 to a 4 way splitter


Office room has a 2 way splitter | Leg 1 to MOCA filter to modem / Leg 2 to Office Portal


Last 4 way splitter = Leg 1 to Master Bedroom Portal / Leg 2 to Spare Bedroom Portal / Leg 3 empty / Leg 4 empty


The total = 3 x 2 Way splitters + 2 x 4 Way splitters


I am wondering if my low levels are due to the amount of splits, and a way to remove/clean these.


Thank you for any suggestions.