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Why does my Xbox360 speed test so slow?

Question asked by rneilpeterson on Jan 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by connormc

Xbox360  wired directly to Shaw Modem (Cisco DPC3825).

Light on front of Modem Port 1 (Xbox connection) flashes orange. Where as all other computers hardwired in, the ports flash green!!!

Current Shaw Service: Broadband 50Mbp/s (although shawspeedtest says I'm on Broadband 100.


Speed Test accessed via Internet Xplorer on Xbox360...  website

d/l:  1.52Mbp/s       u/l: 1.99Mbp/s    Ping:  --

Provider: Shaw Communications

Selected Server: USA-Chicago IL 50.12Mbyte d/l ,  2.1Mbp/s u/l  Service shows on my Laptop hardwired shows 3.28Mbp/s d/l   2.9Mbps u/l   to USA-Chicago IL on laptop hardwired




Why is the modem restricting bandwidth to the Xbox360?

At these slow rates, Netflix is barely functional, and lots of lag in online games to the point its almost un-usable.