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Webmail and iOS

Question asked by mgush on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by mgush

I have a exchange account as well as a shawhosting business account and have a few questions:


1) The shawhosting account has several "personal folders" (deleted, junk email, save_mail, sent, sent items, sent messages, spam.incoming etc.) these are over and above the standard sent, junk, trash folders. Do I need these? The sent ones for example all have different contents which I don't understand at all.


2.) Older personal folders on my exchange account are not syncing to iOS devices(5s and iPad Air). Contents appear when logging in via webmail and if I add a new item it shows up. Not sure if it is related but I do have days to sync set at no limit. My shawhosting account has no issues syncing folders.


Any advise is greatly appreciated. Cheers!