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Gateway recordings - 5 to 10 second gaps in playback

Question asked by davehall001 on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by [shaw]heather

Just had the new gateway system installed. Recoded several shows last night. While watching the recordings I am noticing 5 to 10 second  gaps or skips in the action.


For example, during the Mentalist (CTVHD)  there is Patrick Jane having wine on a yacht, baiting the protagonist until she pulls a gun. <GAP> There is Jane in the drink.


Missing the scene includes the "leap" and what lead up to it


This happened several times during the play back. Then with playback of Downton Abbey, playback simply stopped at a scene. I could rewind and play back to that point, but nothing could get me beyond it. Finally did a power recycle on the Gateway (not portal) and once back on service could play through the scene that previously locked at.


Anyone else experiencing similar glitches? Overall quite pleased however the old Motorola had no such issues...