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Question asked by 1313bear on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by kevinds

I called Shaw to ask this question: "Whose name are the three pieces of equipment that were provided to our tenant when we ordered a suite package for them?" 

After a long Who shot John discussion with an uninformed customer service agent who went away to ask the question... I was told it was not an easy question. Really?  Seemed to me to be an easy question...but then ???   Here is what i was told.

Shaw CSR:  The equipment is listed as being at this address.

Me: yes? but in whose name? 

CSR:You need to listen I am going to "explain" it to you.  The tenant may take it with him when he goes if he wants shaw services. 

Me:Great... that answers my question. 

CSR: You're not listening..(so how do you think I'm responding to her customer service?) No because he may choose to leave it. You need to listen to me.

Me: I heard you the first three times...remember the who shot john comment.

csr: but he must sign the equipment over to you if he leaves it.  

Me: if he does not transfer the service to his new residence and does not leave the equip ...who will Shaw go after?


Me: you state what HE SHOULD question relates to what if he doesnt do what he SHOULD...AND TAKES IT WITHOUT A NEW SERVICE.  You say if he leaves it he MUST transfer it into your thinking is ...thats great ...if he leaves it I will send it back to Shaw.  I do NOT want it in my name and he should not be allowed to transfer it backto my account without my permission. I wanted a supervisor at that point but hung up instead after thanking her.  i think she DID answer my question...the equipment is in the tenant's name otherwise he would not need to put it in ours if he leaves it ???  Yes? No?


But then...I AM NOT LISTENING.  What do you think?


(BTW The service charges come on our bil but no mention of equipment and the tenantgets a separate bill for long distance charges VoD etc  But I dont know if the equip rental is free or if he gets abill for that too...ergo my question...