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Terrible speed in Lloydminster (Dealing with issue for over a year)

Question asked by markd84 on Jan 8, 2014
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I have been having very poor speeds in my area for a very long time now and I am not too sure what to do about it any more. Every time that I call in to see what's going on they always assure me that they are working on it and that a fix is in the process.


I like dealing with Shaw, the people are always good to me and understand my problems. They even issue credits to my account as of late.


I guess a little more on my problems:


-I am subscribed to Broadband 100

-During evenings I will run a speedtest and get in the area of 3mbps down and 2.5 up (If I am lucky I can get around 10 down)

-Lowest dl speed I have recorded was 0.78mbps

-I have called the service center more times than I can remember on the issue and they have walked me through troubleshooting steps

-Shaw has sent a tech to my location twice to troubleshoot with no success

-A couple of reps have confirmed that the issue is a very over saturated node in my area being the issue

-The node was to be split before winter, which has not yet been completed as of a call last night


What do I do here? Telus is looking pretty tempting even though they only have 6/1 plan in my area. That would still be double down what I get now.


Thanks for any help at all