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Intermittent Slow WiFi Connection with SMC D3GN-SHW Modem

Question asked by lmacri on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by esham

I switched to Shaw's Full Bundle package a few months ago (20 MB/sec recently bumped to 25 MB/sec with a SMC D3GN-SHW wireless internet modem) and am having intermittent problems with extremely slow WiFi connections (i.e., slower than my old MTS dial-up).  This happens a few times a week and slow connection speeds can last for several hours.  Re-booting my PC and resetting the modem (unplugging and waiting for 30 sec) does not solve the problem.  This happened again this morning and I was unable to run a speed test at - I waited for over 5 min but the web page would not finish loading in my Firefox browser - but the connection worked fine when I connected with a cat 5e network cable (download speed 26.7 MB/sec, upload speed 2.7 MB/sec with the network cable).  When my WiFi connection is working properly my speed test is normal (i.e., around 20 MB/sec download, 0.6 MB/sec upload) but I've been monitoring my actual download speeds with SoftPerfect's NetWorx utility and 6 MB/sec is about the max file download speed I've ever seen with Shaw WiFi.


I've phoned Shaw Technical Support about this a few times and since I live in an apartment building and have many neighbours using WiFi they recommended that I change my wireless channel from Ch 11 to Ch 6.  I switched to WiFi channel 6 on 07-Dec-2013, but the problem persists.


Any suggestions, other than going out and purchasing a new router per geckley's recommendation here?  And can anyone recommend a free WiFi discovery utility like inSSIDer (which now costs $19.99) that would help me to find the best WiFi channel?


I am currently running 32-bit Vista Home Premium on a HP Pavilion dv6835ca laptop (Intel Core2Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83 GHz, 3.0 GB RAM) with a built-in Intel PRO/Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN modem (see here for modem specs).