Gateway and the Sony NSZ-GS7

Discussion created by biglar on Jan 8, 2014

Got the Sony NSZ-GS7over the holidays and really enjoy it - does what the Gateway was supposed to do (and should be doing). Have my DLNA network setup with the Sony and the picture-in-a-picture,


Anyway this post is for the Sony remote that comes with the NSZ-GS7 and I hope the Shaw guys don't mind me posting this on the Gateway forum as it may help others. I think I have figured out most of the keys on the Sony remote that correspond to the Shaw Gateway supplied remote, except for the following and maybe someone out there has figured in out.


1/ I like/prefer the vertical program guide when finding programs. The Sony remote 'GUIDE' key only accesses the horizontal guide. Has anyone found a key on the Sony remote to access vertical program guide directly?  Presently I do a go-around by selecting the 'PVR' key on Sony remote  which brings up the PVR recording, then I use arrow key to get to guide or HD.


2/ As I said in item 1, I prefer the vertical program guide. When in the vertical guide I can use the Shaw Gateway remote 'NEXT' key to skip ahead in 1/2 hour segments to view future time slots. Has anyone found the corresponding key on the Sony remote to do the same while in the vertical program guide?


Thanks, biglar