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Horrible Ping Spikes Seemingly On Random

Question asked by jurburr on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by corbin

A few months ago I switched to Shaw. Everything seemed fine and the deal that I had received seemed amazing for the price. Over time ping spikes started to occur more and more often. Usually no more than 200ms, the spikes were fixed simply by restarting the modem. As the spikes became more and more frequent they also became greater in size. I started to get spikes from my usual 30ms ping to 1200ms or even 2000+ ms ping. Sometimes even resetting the modem would do nothing. Connecting via ethernet cable did nothing as well. I have tried safe mode rebooting and multiple other fixes and nothing will work. I recently left for the holidays to visit my family and the problem has become even worse upon returning. It now feels like I'm getting ping drops because the spikes last longer than the times that I have an acceptable connection. Any help would be appreciated as I have received no response from either the chat on shaws website or via email.


Thank you