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Shaw blacklist: Connection rejected due to poor reputation

Question asked by futureisfriendly on Jan 10, 2014
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we are a Shaw business customer and use Shaw email relay (",,") server with MS Exchange Server on premise

it happened that Shaw blacklist us (Shaw directly not "Spamhaus DBL" or "BARRACUDA" or other lists)

Last time it took 5 hours to to get us of Shaw list (if we not call in it would happen automatically after 6pm (PST)

Shaw claimed:

The blacklisting occurred because of a recipient flagging an email(s) from originating from your IP as spam. There was also some detection of a virus infection accompanying an email, as this was reported twice.


No further details were provided so we didn't had much of a details to investigate (beside a general scan for virus)

BTW Shaw suggest to use webmail in the meantime which is a joke consider we use our own domain (not


My questions:

  • How can we ask the first level help-desk on the phone to check if we are SHAW blacklisted? (Does the Shaw helpdesk has info about this)
  • Why are we (client who got blacklisted) not notified / informant about this?
  • how can we get more details (detail report) why we got blacklisted?
  • How fast we can get off the Shaw blacklist?