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Massive Packet Loss

Question asked by teuthras on Jan 11, 2014
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I'm in the West Kildonan area of Winnipeg. For the past few weeks now, in the afternoon/evening and at night I have been experiencing ridiculous amounts of upstream packet loss. Also has very rarely happened during the day. Sometimes it will be going great then all of a sudden start jumping around from 10-100% packet loss for a few hours, then go back to normal. Sometimes it lasts 6+ hours, sometimes it lasts 5 minutes. The connection has become completely unusable for at least 10-15 minutes quite a few times now due to this and is almost completely unusable any time this problem occurs. This is happening on our 2 wired computers as well as any device connected on wi-fi. It still happens when wi-fi is disabled. Whether 1 computer is connected or 4 computers are connected, the same problem happens. I have no clue what the problem is at this point, though I have done everything I can think of on our end to check. Just looking for help at this point as the internet has become unusable at its busiest time for use in our family.


Also, when I received my DPC3825 only 2 of the ports worked correctly. The other 2 constantly dropped the connection for a few seconds every ~30 seconds. Since, at the time, we only needed 2 wired and the rest wireless I was never particularly concerned about it, however I am wondering what can be done about it at this point.