Gateway User Guide and Workflow

Discussion created by burger2go on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by dghampton

I just upgraded rom 3 Motorola PVR's to Arris gateway last week, and so far, I absolutely hate the user interface and workflow. 


The guide interface and workflow to do anything is a total mess. Simple things that took just a couple of button presses and one screen to do on the Motorola PVRs now take multiple screens, multiple button presses, scrolling through side bar menu options then more screens.. Arrrrrgh! 

The presentation layer is a total joke when trying to see what is recorded as you get a long list that seems to wrap around and show things twice making it look like multiple recordings.


Gone is:

1. the color coding of the program types (green = sports, purple = movies etc.)

2. when displaying info about a movie, who the main characters are for example


Whatever happened to the simple functionality of LIST (button on remote) to display grouped (into folder recordings) sortable by date, name etc.  and when in a menu buried down really deep and you want out, why doesn't exit button work?  Instead you have to scroll on the side to close once for each layer down, or press the totally non -intuitive live TV button! 

There are a ton of other things wrong with the guide interface and workflow, which I don't want to get into here because it would probably evolve into a small book. Basically, it is too time demanding to do the simplest of things that the Motorola interface does. 

Since Arris bought Motorola TV division from Google and owns the rights to the Motorola interface and operability

I am lobbying Shaw to at least provide the users with a choice of what interface they want: the current Arris one or the one used on the Motorola PVRs currently - at least until they can marry the two and make something that is the best of both worlds although there is nothing in the Arris interface now that jumps out as being superior than, or missing from the Motorola interface.

I have another 22 days to get some sort of positive feedback along these lines from Shaw before I return the Gateway system and go back to 3 separate PVRs in separate rooms.

Does anyone else have any similar views on the Arris guide presentation, its usability and user friendliness? If so chime in here and perhaps Shaw might do something about it.  After all, we are the customers to Shaw, and Shaw is a big customer for the Arris equipment.