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Please help.. once again.. with the DCX-3510-m...

Question asked by tamerwoody on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by shaw-colin

It's been working normally for a few weeks.. until this morning I went to  turn it on and after pressing the POWER button more than a couple of times... it starts up and this message pops up.


An Error Occured

No application focused, returning focus to last active application.



I press okay and it turns on I guess..... This has happened before....    But the guide all says TO BE ANNOUNCED but nothing seems to be loading.  It's like STUCK here.  I can't change the channel or anything.  Can't access ANYTHING.  No PVR recordings, no INFO on anything.


  I'm over my 30 day return period now so it looks like i'm stuck with this machine.   


It looks like I might need a hard-reset from your end SHAW.   Help a guy out???