Shaw needs to be more professional.

Discussion created by connormc on Jan 13, 2014
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so im playing in a tournament last night on for call of duty ghosts. when all of a sudden my internet goes out. its not my modem failing. its not shaw doing maintenance or fixing anything, and its not me getting ddos. what was happening? o shaw just decided they can update our modems and cut out out internet whenever they want. causing me to get a loss in a tournament that costs me $20 to enter. absolutely ridiculous. this is why i will be switching from shaw to TSI. cause they would have NEVER done this. letalone all the other times shaw is doing "scheduled maintenance" that they dont seem to feel the obligation to let there customers know in advance. to me this is sad and horrible customer service. i have even been told by business users that they get no notification for these types of things either. pathetically sad.


as someone who visits multiple shaw forums a day. including these forums and the regular shaw website. i am baffled by the fact why the company would not try to notify users so they are not cut off in the middle of something important. hell i could have been doing a 20+ gig upload to a server and you guys could have wasted hours or my time as well as money. why shaw thinks this is cool, i will never understand.


so plz shaw employees tell me why it is so hard to make some sort of effort to notify users. be it email, letter, or website notification


and if you cant tell me why. then tell me why and since when you think its cool to cut off everyone's internet at a random time without notification.


my shaw has never been up for more then 2 months without an outage. im on UPS with an amazing router and my modem has very healthy power levels. there is no reason my internet should ever go out without notification. unless there is a fiber cut or some UNEXPECTED problem that would be impossible for shaw to know about. i dont think my internet has ever gone out because of this tho.




plz Shaw, man up. this is not professional. start notifying your users of known internet maintenance whether it be a modem firmware upgrade, a cmts upgrade, etc.