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Gateway: incomplete recording of simulcast program

Question asked by supersmurf on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by giantbrownguy

Good Afternoon all,


I wondering if anyone else has seen this issue occur (trying to validate if it's just me or not):  Several times over the past few months when I've been recording programs on US channels that are hijacked (sorry, simulcast) by a Canadian broadcaster, the program stopped recording when the simulcaster stopped simulcasting on the US channel.


For example, I recorded the Saturday afternoon football game on a US HD channel with a setting to stop recording 1 hour later (because football games rarely end on schedule).  As soon as CTV stopped hijacking (simulcasting) the station, the recording stopped - it only recorded 3 hours 1 minute instead of 4 hours.  I found this as well on Sunday when recording the Golden Globes, as soon as the Canadian broadcast ended the program stopped recording.  This can be an issue as I've had a situation when the Canadian broadcaster stopped a live event to show a primetime show which resulted in me missing the rest of the program.


Anyone else have this issue?


Secondly, I've started to notice that the portal is somewhat less responsive to the remote.  I've had to push buttons twice to be read or other times there's a short delay and then it processes it twice (e.g. 30 sec skip forward).  Is this is a known problem or just me?


Thanks so much.