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3510 Problems Persist After 3 Tech Visits and 3 Hard Drives

Question asked by vincej on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by shaw-matt
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Months ago I forecast that the software on the 3510 was corrupt. I was disbelieved. So I did what was recommended .... a tech visit. Well on Sunday I had my 3rd tech visit with my 3rd expander being swapped out in 3 months ....and guess what ??? Yup the problem is still there. Recordings made but won't play back. Recordings which play for 10% of the time and then stop.


Before anyone says that it is the PVR itself, well .. disconnect the expander and there are no problems.


In case any Shaw developers are interested, here is the most likely scenario: the firmware managing the expander is corrupt ...  I hope someone believes me now.